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Welcome to The Wicked Wheel, here you'll find what makes us tick, why we are toguether raiding and our expectations for new members.

We are a relatively new guild in Arthas-US, a realm with quite a history of known guilds, started off as a group of friends frustrated that we couln't find an AM guild, so we decided to organize a group to see and enjoy current and future PvE content in a Softcore kind of way, this means we are most definitely looking towards clearing end-game content and will enforce certain rules of organization to get there, yet, we're not as hardcore as to raid more than 8-10 hours a week, we all have jobs / college / responsabilities and this is a side project, but a serious side project.
We'd like to surround ourselves with competent players that share our raider mindset.

First of all, i'd like to clear out possible points that might work as deal breakers for anyone that is looking to join / is in our guild.

1) we are a WEEKEND AM RAIDING Guild, if you can't raid on weekends, on AM times or don't like PvE content, this guild isn't for you and we're not interested in having you around, even tho we don't condemn PvP content and to a degree some of us enjoy it, that is not the focus of this guild and you should find such a guild if that's what you're interested in.
Our current raid times is Saturday / Sunday at 9 am EST (server time on arthas), We roll invites at 8:45 am server time.

2) You are expected to keep an AMIABLE ATTITUDE towards the raid group / members of the guild, no matter what happens, if someone is deserving of punishing officers will be the judges of that. However critisism is more than welcomed as long as it's presented in a civilized manner.

3)We use Vent as our main voice comm, it's a paid server.

We use Raidcall as our backup, tho we don't really use it much anymore, voice comm, it's a free voice comm that you can download here: http://www.raidcall.com/index.php?lang=en
Search for our group "The Wicked Wheel"
WARNING: Raidcall is not compatible as of the time i'm writing this message with Mac.

4) Since we're usually working / college / and whatnot during the week we're not active at the usual gaming hours, the bulk of us play at very late hours of night or very early, so we're not that active at the afternoons and whatnot.

Now that's taken care of, as a member of this guild the most important atributes we are interested in is ACCOUNTABILITY & DEPENDABILITY, we don't mind you making a certain ammount of mistakes as long as you can get it right generally, we do not care if your ilevel is relatively low if you're dependable and can log on to every raid, even more, we have trained many low ilevel people before to great success, you just need to be interested in learning and becoming better.

A good example is Blackfuse's belt duty, if you are a DPS role, you are expected to at least KNOW how this duty works and what you should do if you're in charge of it, of course if you're not the best class for it we'll probably make someone else do it, but you still need to know how it works, this is not a guild that welcomes derpy rogues that just stab things and just wait for their raid leader to yell at them to move from the god damn fire.

In the end numbers are just as important boss strategy execution, and even if you can do belts flawlessly but you can't pull enough numbers, (numbers that matter, not padding) you are not deserving of being in a raid group that can, you will be replaced. However this is rarely the case as people that execute strategy well generally are able to compete on the dps charts.

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